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2 min readDec 31, 2023


Dear friends!

The J’JO team congratulates everyone on the upcoming 2024!

Before the New Year strikes, we would like to take a moment and look back and note how much the project has achieved since the beginning of this year. All of this is dedicated to you, our dear customers, so that you could easily and conveniently invest in cryptocurrencies.

2023 was a very fruitful year for the J’JO project!

The project was officially launched on May 15 with the basic product: J’JO35 index.

Very soon, 10 popular crypto exchanges were connected to the service, which gave our users an option for broader choice.

A tremendous work has been done to improve the performance of our key product: indices. New system indices have been launched, which have gained popularity among many investors.

What about their performance? Over 365 days of 2023 our indices’ rates changed as follows:

• J’JO35 +96.18%
• J’JO DeFi +145.06%
• J’JO AI +440.28%
• J’JO NFT +112.19%

Over the past year, the average profits of all the J’JO indices’ investors were +31%, while some invested quite recently, but still made a noticeable plus.

The most effective case is one investment in the DeFi index, which ultimately made the investor +183% return.

The coming year promises to have even greater prospects in many ways. J’JO is on its way to form a community of involved users on social media. Work in this direction will continue next year!

The J’JO team would like to thank everyone who is interested in our service and is entering the New Year 2024 as an ensured index investor. We wish each of you to achieve your goals this year! The team promises to work daily to improve the quality of service and add new profitable instruments!

J’JO believes that every investor will succeed in the upcoming year and sincerely wishes everyone to have stable capital growth with our indices.

Sincerely yours,
Team J’JO



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