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This is our first blog post and we are happy to see those who join us now. In the run-up, let us share why we created J’JO and how it will help you navigate through the world of crypto investments in a due course.

The notion of creating a straightforward investment solution has been around for a while: it was obvious for us that such an instrument was indispensable. We worked out the idea early in 2020 and then proceeded to implementation.

Growth of the cryptocurrencies grabs more attention day after day. A few years ago, crypto seemed just a weird and questionable asset. But today, when Bitcoin actually became the most profitable financial instrument for the last five years, most people realized the gigantic investment opportunities hidden in the crypto market.

It figures: a flow of new users to crypto wallets and cryptocurrency exchange tends to be jump-like. For the last quarter of 2021 solely, the number of registrations on certain exchanges gained 110%, while the total number of cryptocurrency users exceeded 120 million.

A majority of users are non-qualified private investors. They endeavor to get a grasp of the market philosophy on the go when they first come into play. Unfortunately, such attempts do not yield any positive results. And though the market has grown by over 1000% for the last 3 years, most private investors ended up with money lost due to their incompetence.

To address this issue, we created J’JO, a tool that reduces the investment procedure to several clicks — making the whole thing simpler. On top of that, it makes investments profitable for non-traders that can see the potential but have no idea how to distribute investments and transform them into profit in this volatile and surging market.

J’JO comes with a friendly, intuitive interface that helps invest into a specifically created cryptocurrency index within 5 minutes. This index is based on the principles of the CCi30 index launched in 2017 by the team of independent mathematicians lead by Carlo Scevola, the Professor, economist and CS&P President, and Igor Rivin, the Math Professor at the Temple and Regis University. The purpose of the index was market tracking; it was designed to help investment funds and professional investors manage their assets. It was not available due to a number of restrictions imposed by conventional investment funds (e.g., high entry limits and complicated start).

The index covered 75% of the entire cryptocurrency market as of the date of publication. By default, it manages the portfolio that helps the user diversify their investments in the cryptocurrency and enter the market even with no special skills.

Since the date of creation, the J’JO index has far outperformed bitcoin on returns. This is an unattainable result for 95% of traders, not to mention the fact that most of the newcomers ended up with money lost due to their incompetence.

Such an approach allows a public user to enter a new environment irrespective of the experience, secures considerable return in the growing market, and — importantly — ensures risk reduction by means of diversification of crypto assets.

Easy-to-use, the tool does not require any sophisticated skills or knowledge. The process takes minutes.

We are planning to make registration open to all users early in May 2021.

We will post more on the advantages of index investment and the advanced features of J’JO that will be released in its pioneer version.

After our first achievements, we will keep going. Our roadmap envisages a bundle of updates and improvements, the plan of which will be published after the release.

Follow us and join the J’JO community on socila media Facebook & Twitter! Get ready to start very soon!

Best regards,

J’JO Team



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