We are thrilled to announce that J’JO is now open for all users!


We believe that access to investments should be a fundamental right, not a privilege reserved for the few 🌍

The cryptocurrency market continues to grow and has great potential. However, choosing and buying coins, as well as the subsequent competent investment portfolio management, require a lot of time and a deep understanding of the market. J’JO was created to eliminate the need for decision-making, giving the investor a ready-made tool to follow the market and minimize risks.

The J’JO team continues to work on updates. Soon there will be more integrations with crypto exchanges and updates to the functionality of the service. We appreciate the opinions of each of our users and pay attention to all feedback to make J’JO even more convenient and accessible to everyone.

Personal account registration is still available by invitation

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J'JO | Invest like a pro.

Ready-made cryptocurrency basket. A professional solution to start investing even with no experience! Available in over 200 countries 🌎