We successfully passed the security audit!


J’JO is proud to announce the successful completion of its security audit conducted by Certik, a globally renowned provider of blockchain project audits. The comprehensive assessment subjected J’JO’s platform to meticulous scrutiny, and no critical errors or comments were detected. This achievement reinforces J’JO’s steadfast commitment to providing a secure and dependable investment platform for its clients.

Furthermore, J’JO received recommendations to enhance its security, which our team promptly implemented. J’JO is dedicated to continuously improving its security measures to offer the best possible protection for its clients’ investments.

At J’JO, we understand that security is a fundamental factor in the investment industry. That is why we have taken every measure to ensure that our clients can confidently use our service, knowing that their funds are protected by a secure and reliable platform. With J’JO, investors can focus on their investment strategies without worrying about security issues, allowing them to make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals with peace of mind.

J’JO offers a seamless and effortless way for investors to access a pre-made cryptocurrency index. With a diversified portfolio, J’JO significantly reduces investment risk while maximizing returns. As a result, investors can focus on making informed decisions and reaching their financial objectives with ease and confidence.



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